UCL Friends & Alumni Association

The UCL Friends & Alumni Association is a US non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for research, education and innovation at University College London (UCL). Additionally, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association works to connect talented American students with the opportunities offered at UCL, providing funding for Masters scholarships in global health, crime science and public policy.

UCL is committed to using its diverse intellectual community to engage with pressing global challenges made possible through generous philanthropic support. The work of the UCL Friends & Alumni Association allows alumni and supporters in the United States to effectively contribute to the ground-breaking projects and academic leadership for which UCL is renowned.

Philanthropy founded UCL as a home for disruptive thinkers. Nearly 200 years later, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association joins UCL in asking you to pledge your support to our campaign.


Community is the word!

Check out what makes the UCLFAA Vice-President Nicole McKnight’s world tick and why community is not just a buzz word. We caught up with Nicole at her office in Lower Manhattan.

New Portico is out!

UCL academics and alumni are changing the world, we’ve caught up with some of the most exciting stories to share with you in the latest issue of Portico Magazine online.


Giving thanks this Thanksgiving

Mark Howard shares his reasons why he is giving to UCL this season and encourages fellow alumni to do this same. Read his recent email to alumni here and please join Mark in giving a gift towards special projects at UCL.

“A big thank you to all of our alumni who have donated to our appeal already!”