UCL Friends & Alumni Association

The UCL Friends & Alumni Association is a US non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for research, education and innovation at University College London (UCL). Additionally, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association works to connect talented American students with the opportunities offered at UCL, providing funding for Masters scholarships in global health, crime science and public policy.

UCL is committed to using its diverse intellectual community to engage with pressing global challenges made possible through generous philanthropic support. The work of the UCL Friends & Alumni Association allows alumni and supporters in the United States to effectively contribute to the ground-breaking projects and academic leadership for which UCL is renowned.

Philanthropy founded UCL as a home for disruptive thinkers. Nearly 200 years later, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association joins UCL in asking you to pledge your support to our campaign.


UCL rocking the West Coast

We had such a fantastic time on the West Coast in May with record numbers attending the receptions in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In San Francisco, we had a fabulous time at Monroe with Riva-Melissa Tez (Philosophy 2011) as our alumni guest speaker. She is a venture capitalist, writer, and currently works on strategic projects at Intel. In past lives, she’s been a university lecturer, toy store founder, and co-founder of a children’s app. Forbes described her as the “definition of a modern female”. Make sure you check out our interview with Riva in our upcoming alumni newsletter.

In Los Angeles, alumni were hosted by Michael Howells (Anthropology 1998), British Consul-General, at his residence in Hancock Park. Alumni joined us en-masse for the largest UCL alumni gathering Los Angeles has seen and we had a wonderful time.

“I was especially thrilled to discover that we had invited a group of prospective students to the Consul’s residence. I hope that this event makes it clear to them how hard UCL works to support and engage with its alumni, regardless of where they are in the world!” Jeffrey Nakamura – MFA Fine Art

You can view photos from the LA event on our Flickr gallery.

UCL Los Angeles Reception At British Consul-General's Residence 2019

Michael Howells with Prof Michael Arthur


UCL celebrates the university’s neuroscience excellence with New York alumni

In the largest event to date, over 110 alumni came together to catch up, make new connections and discuss the latest breakthroughs surrounding mental health at the annual New York reception on April 4.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for alumni in New York to network but also for old friends to reacquaint, as one alumnus discovered. Read more here. 

“I bumped into someone I went to high school in the UK with this evening. I hadn’t seen him for 15 years. Having the network here enables this and it’s fantastic,” said Ronald Thauer (Economics, 2017).