UCL Friends & Alumni Association

The UCL Friends & Alumni Association is a US non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for research, education and innovation at University College London (UCL). Additionally, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association works to connect talented American students with the opportunities offered at UCL, providing funding for Masters scholarships in global health, crime science and public policy.

UCL is committed to using its diverse intellectual community to engage with pressing global challenges made possible through generous philanthropic support. The work of the UCL Friends & Alumni Association allows alumni and supporters in the United States to effectively contribute to the ground-breaking projects and academic leadership for which UCL is renowned.

Philanthropy founded UCL as a home for disruptive thinkers. Nearly 200 years later, the UCL Friends & Alumni Association joins UCL in asking you to pledge your support to our campaign.

Scholarship news

UCLFAA’s Fran Moore caught up with UCLFAA scholarship holder Mustafa Babak on travels, UCL and the greatest good. Read more about Mustafa’s time at UCL here.

Alumni newsletter

UCL’s latest alumni newsletter came out just before the holidays! Check your inbox or update your details now if you did not receive yours.

Knowing me, knowing you

UCLFAA Board Member John Manville shared his personal UCL stories during his recent visit to London. John works tirelessly to host UCL students as interns at Cisco too and talks about why you should consider getting involved.

We had a blast!

UCLs annual alumni receptions were a real success this year and we saw lots of new faces. Prof Jason Dittmer from the Department of Geography spoke in San Francisco and Los Angeles about the US-UK “special relationship” and the objects that make it. In New York, we were joined by Prof David Price, Vice-Provost Research, who busted some myths about universities. And finally in DC, alumni attended a fabulous social at the Elephant & Castle. For photos of the events, check out UCL Alumni Flickr.