Bogue Research Fellowships

Generous fellowships to support postgraduate research students and post doctoral researchers working in the Life and Biomedical Sciences to visit North America

The Bogue Fellowships are provided by a bequest from the late James Yule Bogue, a former Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology and one time Deputy Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI. The bequest is managed by the UCL Friends & Alumni Association.

The fellowships support visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA and Canada in order ‘to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow’.

“[Thanks] to the Bogue Fellowship, I have made professional relationships that will continue throughout my PhD.” Sophie Adler, UCL Institute of Child Health visiting Montreal Neurological Institute 2015

“…a great opportunity for me to gain insight into the difficulties of using MRI and DTI with young children to explore the development of the brain. I am very thankful for the Bogue Fellowship that enabled me to gather this invaluable experience.” Louisa Kulke, UCL Psychology and Linguistics visiting University of California San Diego 2013

“…the visit [made possible by the fellowship] has enriched and inspired my research at UCL and I will continue to use and develop the skills I have learnt…” Trevor Graham, UCL Cancer Institute visiting the University of Southern California 2005